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RESEARCH REVEALS - a new webinar series
Self-Promotion Techniques for Professional Women
(Without Bragging!)


If you're like me, my clients and just about every women I know, you struggle to walk the fine line between being too humble and too aggressive when it comes to talking about yourself and your accomplishments. The fact is that research shows that there ARE cultural double-standards for women and it IS harder for us to promote ourselves than it is for the guys!!

But it can be done and you must do it because research also shows that effective self-promotion is critical to our professional success. And the secret is not as hard as you think.

Join me for this free webinar where we look at the research and what you can do to start more effectively promoting yourself in the world, comfortably and authentically, to achieve the business success you deserve.

I put 2 ideas into action right away!

"This webinar helped even a seasoned professional like me learn to 'tell her story' more persuasively. Dana's content is backed up by ground-breaking research and I loved her unique 3P's formula for how women can demonstrate their potential for success. I was able to put two ideas into action immediately after the call. Her Promo-Buddy concept is priceless!" Jennifer V. Miller, Creator, The People Equation

Research says women must promote themselves to succeed
We'll look closely at what the research really says about why women have to promote themselves in order to advance.
Why so many women are in hiding
Even the most senior women often feel like "they're not ready yet" and feel uncomfortable talking themselves up. Why is this?
Learn the difference between bragging and confidence
I'll share with you a simple thing you can do immediately to increase your confidence.

About Your Hostess
Dana Theus
InPower Women & InPower Coaching

Dana is a research-based consultant, coach and advocate for women's leadership strategies that produce business results. Dana helps her clients access the "career juice" of gender-balanced leadership styles and personal power. She works with individual leaders, corporate clients and high-performance teams to help them master the dynamics of change and transformation in their lives and in their organizations.