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A complimentary InPower webinar
Building Your Social Career Strategy

With special guest

Heidi Lorenzen,
Moksha Marketing!

"Social time" can crowd our living and working time, until it feels like we're living four lives (social/real, work/life) but as we move towards more integrated lifestyles we can use our social presence to our career advantage.

Learn ways you can use your social skillz to build your career

You know we live in a social world and personally we're "checking in" to life right and left, but the new Social Business model being thrust on us has challenged us to adopt new ways of working.

It's also created new opportunities for us to take charge of and advance our careers.

Here's the catch: to seize these opportunities, you have to think and act like today's savviest marketers. Even if you're not in marketing... even if you don't think you have a marketing bone in your body... even if the term "marketing" is off-putting or scary for you. (Don't worry, marketing practices have become very authentic since the days of bullhorns and bait-and-switch practices!)

In this 1 hour webinar, Heidi will show how you accept the power that Social Business practices have handed to you. You will learn the 3 reasons you need to have the mindset and behavior of a marketer, and how you can:


...the recognition, credibility and rewards you deserve (and may be getting passed over for)...


...a reputation both inside your company, and externally, that could positively change the course of your career...


...your job in a way that's even more appreciated by your bosses, regardless of your function...


...your company in a way that directly helps drive growth and customer loyalty, even if you think you have nothing to do with all that stuff!

Please accept our invitation to join us on November 13, and accept your powerful role in the more open, transparent, nimble and accessible Social Business structure.

Your career advancement is increasingly dependent on it.

About Your Hostess
Dana Theus
InPower Women & InPower Coaching

Dana is a research-based consultant, coach and advocate for women's leadership strategies that produce business results. Dana helps her clients access the "career juice" of gender-balanced leadership styles and personal power. She works with individual leaders, corporate clients and high-performance teams to help them master the dynamics of change and transformation in their lives and in their organizations.