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5 Common Mistakes We All Make Pitching Our Ideas
You've got the idea - that fantastic, career-making idea, the one that can take you to the next level - or the one that will give you the opportunity to jump out on your own to start your own business.

But you can't get anyone's attention or support.
You talk to them and their eyes glaze over. They don't respond to your email requesting the meeting. In frustration, you end up being too pushy and get a door slammed in your face. Or, you're so afraid of rejection you never pitch it at all to the people who can really escort you into the big leagues.

If you're not careful you'll end up thinking your idea is no good, and that's not it at all!
A great idea isn't enough by itself. You've got to distill it down to it's most pitchable essence, and pitch it until even your mother can understand why it's a gotta-have. BUT you have to be do it naturally, in truly heart-felt ways that hit the listener's hot buttons without coming across too salesy. This takes more than just practice, it takes an understanding of the persuasion techniques that make a good pitch for your audience. And you need to run it through its paces before you hit the big leagues.
Run Your BIG IDEA Through The Ringer BEFORE You Present It To The Boss (or the Client)!
There are four core concepts that will help you sell your idea authentically when you distill them to such precision you can bring them up naturally, compellingly and meaningfully in ANY conversation. Do you know:
  • The description of your "buyer" down to their habits on spontaneous decisions?
  • The ONE reason they will give to justify their decision to their "funder"?
  • The THREE things about your idea that make their one reason possible?
  • Why they will "buy" your idea instead of doing nothing? (Make no mistake, inertia is your biggest competition.)
Have you run these ideas through the ringer with enough people to know how to answer the THREE most likely objections?
Venture Capital firms, MBA Capstone projects and pitching mastermind groups all use the same basic structure to help you vett and communicate your project. Don't pay $60,000 for the opportunity to get your idea ready for prime time. The basics are the basics.
Pitching Authentically Means Knowing Your Audience
Getting your pitch together is just the first step. There are 1,000's of reasons your idea can still fail. Knowing the decision-making process is crucial. Do you know the process and props your idea must navigate to receive the resources and support that can make it real? Deconstructing why and when decision-makers act is crucial to your pitch's success.

And there's one more secret ingredient you need to find and package to successfully run the gauntlet of pitching.


Think you're ready? The most polished CEOs and salespeople get professional coaching and support before they make their pitch on the big stage. (How do you think they get so polished?) Don't go it alone - get help finding the weaknesses of your idea and turning them into strengths - NOW - before your reputation is on the line.
Don't Go It Alone
No matter how tight you think your pitch is - get help refining it! In this webinar I'll help you:
  • Identify the 3 most common pitch failure points and the tests you can run to avoid them.
  • Learn how to find the "gates" that stand between you and the YES you need to make your idea real.
  • Get the basic tools that will help you get your pitch ready and run it through the traps to approval.
  • Get a simple, 4 point formula to help you put together any pitch quickly and persuasively

"I know this stuff and Dana still helped me find the keys to making my ideas a success"

I'm a professional marketing executive with years of experience packaging, positioning and selling products, but when the product was me - and the ideas were too close to my heart - I turned to Dana and her simple but powerful methodology to get my pitch the way I knew it should be. The Pitching & Packaging 101 approach helped me dig under the jumble of my ideas and tease out the reasons people would say YES! with passion and resources. My first pitch was a huge success and each one gets easier. I've taken three-day sales training programs that gave me fewer resources than this free webinar. I can't recommend Pitching & Packaging 101 enough! ~ Heidi Lorenzen, Marketing Moksha
A Special Message For Women
I am a strong advocate for women's leadership. In my research, consulting and coaching practice I see too many women under-invest in their ideas. Too often women shy away from exposing their idea to the competition and criticism that will prepare it - and them! - for the big leagues.

But this process doesn't need to be painful and frightening. I believe it can - and should be - fun, enlightening and joyful. When women do work on prepping their ideas, they are making one of the most important investments in themselves and their careers possible. Mastering  this process and learning to even enjoy it is a critical element of their success.

You don't have to be a woman to benefit from this approach, but women have even more to gain than men when they learn to navigate the gauntlet and emerge with an iron-clad pitch ready to take them to the top. My job is to help you face the tough questions and have fun along the way!
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A 25 year business veteran, Dana has helped successfully package and pitch venture-backed companies and taught Executive MBA Capstone students how to research and pitch groundbreaking ideas. As a consultant and coach Dana helps her clients access their "career juice" - the unique blend of authentic, joy-driven passion - so it drives their business success. Dana is also a research-based consultant, coach and advocate for women's leadership strategies that produce business results. She works with individual leaders, corporate clients and high-performance teams.