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You don't have to "get ahead" by being someone you're not!

Did you know that your personal brand can help you avoid a work-life identity crisis - and succeed by being your best self at work every day?? Find more professional satisfaction and meaning no matter what you do? Help you become a more influential and inspiring leader? It's true!


Becoming Known Well

Be more successful - for being who you are!
If you've ever felt you can't be "the real you" at work, then you're in the right place. The insightful personal branding strategies from The Storybranding Group will give you insights on how your authentic personal brand can change all that and has the power to:
  • create more purpose, passion and power in your work life
  • define who you are at your best
  • build a reputation for what matters most to you
  • naturally attract people to your ideas and initiatives
  • position you to make an impact
  • develop your true leadership presence and voice
  • better understand and lead others
  • control your professional destiny
5 authentic personal branding strategies for professional development and personal fulfillment
Learn the five strategies of authentic personal branding, including how to:
  1. become known well
  2. let purpose trump "charisma"
  3. stay in character
  4. take a stand
  5. get to your "happy ending"


Start your professional journey into your authentic self and find out how your most fundamental uniqueness can contribute greater meaning and motivation to your worklife.


About Your Guides
Cindy Atlee
The Storybranding Group

Fascinated with stories, Cindy has channeled much of her creative passion into helping others understand and express who they are in the world during her 20+ year career as a branding consultant, facilitator and coach. Since completing Dr. Carol S. Pearsons' postgraduate program in Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University in 2003, Cindy has pioneered the use of her archetype-based tools for corporations and entrepreneurs. Cindy's work has won multiple awards and she is a frequent speaker and workshop leader, rated top speaker at the Advanced Learning Institute's Internal Branding Conference.

Dana Theus

InPower Consulting & InPower Coaching

A 25 year business veteran, Dana has successfully transitioned from a marketing executive to leadership consultant and coach. Dana helps her clients access their "career juice" - the unique blend of authentic, joy-driven passion and inner power - so it drives their business success. Dana is also a research-based consultant, coach and advocate for women's leadership strategies that produce business results. She works with individual leaders, corporate clients and high-performance teams.